Sunway Pyramid will undergo a transformative renovation in a 250,000 sqft area to elevate shoppers’ experience. To remain relevant aesthetically, this elevation will still retain key flavours of the original Egyptian-themed identity while embracing elements befitting of today’s modern retail industry.

To stay on top of the industry, continuous creation of opportunities for new blends of tenant will allow the increase of breadth and depth of shopping experience to attract new shoppers, higher footfall and greater sales for all.

The refurbishment of Sunway Pyramid will impartially expand the mall’s offerings and experiences by providing enhanced spaces and improved aesthetics. Not only will the refreshed Sunway Pyramid offer a modern atmosphere with features of sustainability, it will also echo the modern Egyptian theme for a seamless superior experience. This would naturally increase the dwell time of our visitors. With its prime location and state-of-the-art facilities, this is the perfect venue to showcase your brand and attract a discerning clientele.


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